Persistence Through the Resistance

PersistenceAn idea comes to mind. It creates an immediate excitement within as you may have potentially created a way to do something new. Our mind starts to race as we consider the possibilities and potential this idea may bring. It could provide the pathway towards a new business, promotion at work, or an opportunity to upgrade your circle of influence. During this period of euphoria, additional thoughts, plans, and next steps to fill in the blanks begin to take shape. A growing excitement takes shape, a sense of clarity starts to appear and a renewed sense of energy takes hold. You are on the way. A plan is developed to shape everything together, the passion increasing, and continued momentum is cultivated. Things are moving right along until…

You Run Into Resistance.

The wheels of progress appear to come to a halt. What happened? Did someone make a discouraging comment? An obstacle not anticipated? Is the path blurry? Did you lose confidence in your ability to see it thru? Whatever the case, something or someone got in the way of the progress; your energy, enthusiasm, and exuberance have diminished. What now? You have two choices. Give up and deal with the emotion involved when one quits is one way to handle it. Unfortunately, this is the choice many make when faced with resistance. It is easier though it comes at a price. The pressure to overcome may be gone yet replaced with a growing sense of doom and despair based on the decision made. Your confidence is going to be affected. Now consider the alternative:

Persistence Thru the Resistance

Your determination to press thru the obstacle becomes stronger than the desire to quit. Yes, you are at a standstill or at a fork in the process. What steps can you take to continue forward and confront the situation head? How do you continue what was started? I believe these are the steps that will allow you to move forward and become stronger as a result:

  1. Remember Your Why: Go back to the initial moment when the idea hit you. Channel the excitement, re-create the moment, and hold fast to the desire you first experienced on day one. Do not lose sight of this as it will re-direct your efforts to consider alternate ways to continue.
  2. Surround Yourself With Encouragement: There are people who naturally encourage us to do better. It can be a kind word, a hand, or simply someone who is a sounding board and can offer suggestions. This positive re-enforcement can make all the difference and create a new enthusiasm and commitment. People can be quick to tell you it won’t work. However, their motives are suspect and generally point to disappointment they have with themselves. Steer clear of these types as they take away energy rather than add to it.
  3. Make Adjustments: The obstacle is a sign that something needs to be adjusted. It has nothing to do with the idea. No, it is quite possibly the execution step. Perhaps, you need an additional resource, a refinement in the process, or someone else needs to join in to make the idea a reality. Whatever the case, be willing to make the necessary adjustments along the way.
  4. Do Not Quit: Whatever is going on, just don’t quit. I have always felt that there are times we are unable to see the finish line because we are standing on top of it. You are that close! Now is not the time to throw in the towel. You have come so far and really enhanced a new confidence, conviction, and course of better action. Do not allow that to go in vain. Stay the course and continue to identify new ways to create an extraordinary finish to the process.

On Monday, consider that a new week brings new opportunities, new ideas, and new obstacles. It is how you manage to persist and not resist that determines how the week will progress. Make it a marvelous and not a mundane experience. Your persistence thru the resistance will make you stronger, create a new level of confidence, and create opportunities that at one time did not seem possible.

To Your Persistence Thru the Resistance!

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Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Chris Adams has over 30 years in the Hospitality Industry serving in a number of emerging and diverse roles. His specialty has been in the area of Staff Development, Organizational Enhancements, Task Force Management, and Public Relations. He has worked for several brands such as Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and several Independents. An advocate for strong community relationships, Adams has served on numerous boards and Non-Profits in an effort to bridge certain gaps towards better understanding and inclusion for all. Additionally, Adams serves as a Legal Task Force Consultant assisting Law Firms in developing case positions via mock juries, selection, and development of media strategies. These efforts have provided further strength towards mediation and successful case resolutions.

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