Marsha Muawwad

Marsha provides strategic guidance and coaching to facilitate ExecuNet Members’ achievement of their respective career aspirations. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their career search. For 15+ years, as a Managing Partner of an international consulting firm, she established the government and healthcare practices. Marsha has assisted quite a few executives to obtain new career opportunities and substantial increases in pay over the past year.

In her role leading the government consulting practice, Marsha worked with the United States Air Force to design and implement its civilian performance management system worldwide, led by the Generals at the Pentagon and other high-level Pentagon officials. She also worked with the heads of the Federal Reserve Board, Treasury Department, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and US Department of State.

Marsha’s private sector work was with the senior executives of CSX Railroad, Marriott Hotels, AT&T, Dominion Power and Light, Humana, Duke University Medical Center, University of Kentucky Medical Center, University of Florida Shands Medical Center, Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), Blue Cross – Blue Shield, George Washington University and Medical Center, and many, many others. She has worked with senior executives in Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Denmark, Australia, Israel and Lebanon.

She has also appeared on ExecuNet Master Classes:

What People Have Said About Working With Marsha

“I could not be more pleased by the assistance and advice I received from Marsha as I went through a work transition. Marsha is well versed in executive job placement. An excellent interviewer, we had a number of very interactive and enjoyable conversations that became the backbone for my personal marketing materials. Always responsive, we went through a thorough review and editing process resulting in both my materials and interview skills being top notch. Marsha also was my advocate within ExecuNet as she made sure each step of our process was carried out in a timely and precise manner. I feel very lucky to consider Marsha not only an advocate but also a friend. Marsha and ExecuNet was the difference maker for me.” –Nels Petersen, COO

“Marsha is a master at strategy, and leveraging her expansive network. She can articulate and frame the dynamics of an executive in a manner that is truly artful thereby leaving an everlasting impression. Besides her academic accomplishments which have solidified her foundation of strategy thought, she is a pragmatic communicator that connects the dots and maximizes the moments of critical communication. Marsha is a consummate executive strategist, that if you’re honored to work with her, the payback is exponential.” –David Gligor, President

“Marsha is an intelligent, experienced, straightforward, witty, honest and caring CEO strategist. She utilizes her many talents to help people get to the center of the problem that they are trying to solve and won’t give up until she has helped them identify what the real problem is and what roadblocks are in the way of the solution. Marsha excels at facilitating the thought process necessary for individuals to make the best decisions for themselves and for the company.” –Elena Brennan, CEO

“Marsha is a fantastic CEO strategist who gets results by doing what it takes and then some for her clients. Her connections to executives is second to none. She is a high level high energy persons who always follows through on her commitments and gives 150 percent.” –David Adler, CEO










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