Don Weintraub

Don is a career strategist and coach at ExecuNet. Coach Don knows what is working for executives in today’s competitive job market. Don’s advice has been a trusted source of career guidance for executives for over 10 years.

Don’s personal brand is, “Delivering Constructive Candor”. He’s a highly respected executive who is not only business savvy, brings a depth of executive search expertise, but is also known as an outstanding listener and trusted advisor. Don conducts personalized Career Marketability Assessments to help ExecuNet Members determine how best to “go-to-market” and land their next job quickly and successfully.

Don also delivers personalized coaching to help address gaps in an executive’s knowledge about their “unique value,” attracting and engage recruiters, getting noticed on websites like ExecuNet and LinkedIn, and how to turn interviews into offers. Don has provided additional strategic guidance for ExecuNet members through leading Master Classes and offering advice in featured blogs and articles.

Prior to joining ExecuNet in 2010, Don was a highly successful and recognized entrepreneur. He spent 17 years as the Founder and CEO of Rainmaker Associates, a consulting, training, coaching and executive search consultancy. He was also the COO of three other consulting companies, Undersecretary of Human Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a High School Principal. Don has a BS degree in Business from SUNY Albany and earned his MS degree in Counseling and an Advanced Leadership Certification from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.

Coach Don is a recognized expert in personal branding and marketing, networking, interviewing, compensation negotiation and onboarding.

Coach Don has led many sessions of ExecuNet Master Class. Here is a sampling:

What People Have Said About Working With Don:

“Don is a consummate professional—insightful, experienced, organized, principled, thorough, and fun to work with.”  –Scott Timmons, Managing Partner at Local Tide Marketing

“Another great session with Don Weintraub. He’s really given me cause for a lot of confidence and optimism. I’ve never had to search for a job before and really didn’t understand the extent to which the internet, and in particular Linked-in, has changed the process. I wish I had retained Don much earlier in this process.” –Steven Goldin, Expense Reduction Analyst

“Don assisted me in transition after my being with two companies in the last 28 years. He offered excellent coaching and his team brought me into the digital era and developed my brand value and message. A delight to work with and well worth the small investment money wise, to learn from such a knowledgeable individual.” –Ian Wheaton, Operations and Business Development Executive

“During these uncertain times, it is critical to have an informed, creative and innovative partner in your corner helping you find the correct path. His insight, years of experience, frank assessments and delivery with humor, helped to build my unique brand and the confidence to go forth and succeed. He truly uncovered my core value and how to win this competition called a job search.” –Wade Fox, VP Business Development and Client Services, Boston Biotech Clinical Research.

“My firm hired Don to improve our overall sales effectiveness. Don worked wonders in translating non-productive beliefs and behaviors about sales into a deeper understanding of the buying process. The resulting mindshift has had a longstanding impact on our firm. By working with real situations, Don’s influence was immediately impactful. His engaging personality, gentle nudging, and genuine desire to be helpful have dramatically improved my confidence and my volume of new business. I would recommend Don to anyone – a single person or a whole company – with a desire to make a sustained increase in new business.”  –Stefanie Heiter, Managing Partner Bridging Distance

“I have utilized Don’s expertise on several occasions and found him to be personable, professional and extremely straightforward during our time together. Don’s experience in the area of human resources, executive recruiting and commercial business offers any executive looking to advance his/her career instant credability and integrity. I believe any executive looking for answers and insights would benefit from utilizing Don as an advisor or mentor.” –Joseph LaPorta, President & CEO Persante Health Care

“Don is an amazing person. He knows how to size up a situation and accurately identify the key elements. He knows what can be changed and how to change it. He knows how to explain it to people in language they can grasp. I highly recommend him as a coach, leader, consultant, and human being. His advice is expert, honest, compassionate and actionable.” –David Perlman, Founder Grenadier Search Group

You can contact Coach Don through the Career Strategy Group.

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