Deborah Kantor

Deborah provides strategic guidance and coaching to help ExecuNet members land their next opportunity. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their careers. This also includes providing detailed feedback for improving a member’s personal marketing collateral—well beyond their resume.

Her extensive expertise as an Executive Recruiter, Career and Sales Coach and Trainer affords ExecuNet members unique insights and impactful, long-term career planning tools and strategies. Deborah’s specialty is beginning the process for discovering your unique value proposition – the absolute key differentiator in a competitive market – and most importantly, learning about the importance of telling their stories with the passion that will get them hired!

Deborah works across a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries, consulting with C-suite Executives and Senior-Level Management in formulating customized, proactive career strategies. This includes serving coast-to-coast markets in career planning, staffing and management training.

In addition to ExecuNet, she is the Founder of Kantor Sales Training. Deborah’s passion for Relationship Sales was the impetus to training corporate teams, and small business owners on how to hire the right person, and training individuals on how to get hired!! Her focus: creating lasting impressions built on rich rapport and understanding the value of powerful referral networks.

Deborah has previously served in nonprofit Board Member roles. She volunteers in community-based healing programs. She has great empathy and compassion for at-risk youth, wanting them to know they are not alone in their journey, and that they can build and have enriched lives.

What People Have Said About Working With Deborah

“I had the privilege of attending one of Deborah’s lunch and learns in early 2017 and was mesmerized by her ability to engage her audience and connect on a deep level in 30 minutes. Immediately I was drawn to her dynamic energy. I knew I needed to bring her in to my organization to work with my staff to inspire them and coach them in a way we had never done before.

During the process of establishing a consulting arrangement with her, I knew I wanted and needed Deborah to become my personal business coach. Over the course of 3 months, she was able to help me dig deep and discover what I wanted in my career and in my life. One of the most valuable sessions we shared was her asking me to reflect back on the last 6 months on the job and project forward over the next 6 months on the job. She asked if during that time period I had, or would, learn anything truly new to add value and depth to my career. I answered honestly and realized that my response meant that in 1 full year of my career I would not have any substantial professional growth.

This revelation and many others Deborah guided me to allowed me to make one of the most important career decisions I’ve ever had to make. She helped me navigate complicated waters to choose a path to happiness through leaving a situation that wasn’t fulfilling me into one that I would get to confidently design myself.

She taught me many valuable lessons about myself and what I am capable of. She knew I needed a tough-love approach to make a significant difference in my career path. Hiring Deborah was a valuable investment both professionally and personally.” –Lori Mamazi


“In the course of my career transition, I sought someone who could look past my qualifications/education on paper, and really understand who I was and what I was looking to do — take my career to the next level and be happy doing it. Deborah was that person. The 90 minutes I spent with her was one of the most poignant and invaluable conversations I’ve ever had. After getting to the heart of who I was at my core, she cut straight through the garb and illuminated what my resume was saying versus what I wanted it to say, and pinpointed what my next moves should be. Surprisingly, they were not at all what I intended going into our meeting, but actually much better suited for me in the long run. I appreciated that she was kind and thoughtful, while also being extremely direct and no BS- telling me what I needed to hear instead of what I was hoping to hear. Her knowledge bank is extremely deep and she has the experience to back it. She is a bonafide asset and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for insight on their job hunt, resume, or just life in general. This woman is incredible!” –Suzanne Wells

You can contact Deborah through the Career Strategy Group.

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