Peer Point-of-View: What Members Have Said #4

chattypeopleSome of the best advice and feedback comes from the experiential wisdom that members share amongst each other. Here’s some insight captured on a variety of topics from blog comments. [Some were edited without changing context.]

1.) “A number of years ago, I created the brand statement ‘Delivering Constructive Candor’ to help define and differentiate my consulting, coaching and executive search practice. It appears below my name and signature on all correspondence. If I was looking for a new job, it would appear next to my name at the top of the résumé. It’s meant to be an attention getter. It’s meant to quickly define my ‘uniqueness and essence.’ In a search, it hopefully gets the ré sumé reader to want to know and read more about me. In my experience, anything a candidate can do to distinguish their brand and candidacy from other candidates/résumés is a good thing to do.  And it starts at the top (of the résumé) and continues throughout.”

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