Overcoming Job Search Biases, Explaining Career Gaps and Other Mysteries

Will bias, stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination regarding your age, race, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy status, disability, politics or religion wreck your job search?

How about unexplained career gaps in your resume, your job-hopping history or long-term employment with the same organization?

It can be extremely frustrating when you’re dedicated to a job search and it seems like circumstances beyond your control are against you. But there are approaches you can take to influence many important components within your control and get the interviews and offers you deserve.

Listen to this special, Panel Discussion edition of ExecuNet Master Class featuring three widely respected Career Strategists and Coaches to learn easy-to-deploy strategies for overcoming the biases, -isms, and gaps in your way and successfully competing against other candidates in today’s executive job market.

Here’s What Some People Who Attend the Live Event Had to Say:

  • “The guidance the panelist or the speakers provide is excellent.”
  • “Hit so many key topics.”
  • “Very informative and covered questions you don’t think of.”
  • “Panel is professional and experienced with terrific points.”
  • “Pragmatic and straight forward presentation with sound content.”
  • “Useful guidance and career information to get out of a rut”
  • “Helpful just to have some guidelines to apply to your own situations.”
  • “Good overview of how to approach job search in this hyper competitive environment.”
  • “Liked the format – great exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences across the panel”
  • “Great session. Full of useful information. Positive approach by each of the experts was infectious.”
  • “It’s refreshing to hear a panel of experts provide their perspective in an unvarnished manner.”
  • “I’ve heard a lot of good advice from these webinars that Tony moderates (thanks to the speakers selected and his questions) and this one helps to encapsulate some key points especially around biases. I love, love, love when the experts focus less on selling services (which understandably is what they need to do) and offer comments that come from a place of genuine interest and passion in helping audience.”

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William Flamme

William Flamme

William Flamme is ExecuNet's Associate Director of Content Marketing, where he develops engaging job search, career path, and leadership insight to build ExecuNet's brand recognition as the leader in senior-level executive job search and all matters career.

He delivers executive-level content across the various properties under the ExecuNet brand, amplifying the power of ExecuNet's expert voices and shaping the content strategy.

Prior to joining ExecuNet in 2008, Will earned a master's degree in education and taught fifth grade and sixth grade. As a teacher, he deepened his appreciation for the written word and mastered skills necessary for managing writers who sometimes view deadlines as homework. It is his training as an educator which allows Will to take complex ideas and make them simple for busy executives to understand and to execute.

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