Now is the Time for Leadership Granularity

As we move to toward the end of 2021 and think about winning the future, we held private individual discussions with CEOs of public companies, private equity controlled and family enterprises.

execunetselect-pawn-inspectionFrom our numerous conversations with CEOs, one of the most telling revelations is how the playbook is changing as most have concluded that lessons of the past may provide comfort, but often are too prescriptive and will keep leaders from being clear-eyed in seeking new and differentiating value advantage.

One CEO mentioned in discussing the future that the view from the rear-view mirror is always smaller than from the windshield.

To better the odds of aligning to the future and to create enhanced value, these CEOs are asking the important of question; What if…?

Here is What We Learned

1. CEOs recognize that this is an extraordinarily opportune time to gain advantage while others are caught in the traps of malaise or uncertainty.

2. CEOs are transforming themselves with more granular expectations of their leadership team to be better at identifying and dealing with “what ifs.”

3. There is laser focus on the importance of investing in a “synced up” adaptable talent culture to address, as needed, the unforeseen non-predictable “swans.”

4. Game-changing CEOs recognize talent is “THE” glue and pathway to value… And true curve-bending leaders are in short supply. CEOs readily admit that a hiring-miss is painful and costly in terms of corrective actions and opportunities squandered.

Simple Questions…Complex Answers

*For every key leadership role, how can we turn and increase the odds of impact?

*Regardless of our current conditions and strategic or operational priorities, are we concise about the leadership “must haves” (competences over “titles”) to effectively meet future swan-type challenges while continually be on offense now?

*Whether we recruit externally or appoint from within, are we clear about how “who” among our alternatives is the best fit to lead and why?

A More Effective Approach… “First Principles Scorecards”

Leading into the unchartered requires an elastic leadership mindset to think through and challenge what is truly relevant and to contextually evaluate priorities…not all strategic and operational execution are equal nor deserve the same effort and resourcing.

Improving the odds, especially in uncertainty, we recommend utilizing a carefully crafted and thoughtful First Principles Scorecard… “go slow to go fast” discipline… that delves deeply well beyond the “three humped camels” position descriptions… with a focus on reaching agreement on a position’s priorities, the leadership qualities, the subtleties required to succeed. Moreover, taken seriously, “First Principles Scorecards” assist leaders in identifying the absolutely vital elements of experience and fit targeted specifically tied to the challenges that must be addressed currently and the outcomes that must be achieved.

The Bottom Line

Forward thinking CEOs are moving quickly to improve the qualities of their teams, recognizing that leadership elasticity is critical and subtleties in selecting executives is essential. A “First Principles Scorecard” approach is an essential in reshaping their leadership culture and in refining the criteria by which executives are selected.

As our colleague, Jeff Neppl, points out; “‘First Principles’ emphasizes what truly matters by establishing a more thoughtful and impactful approach of considering in evaluating candidates for executive positions while enhancing the judgment and buy-in of the stakeholder leadership team, making decisions clearer and onboarding more effective.”

Over the past decade, our First Principles Scorecard concept has benefitted our clients… resulting in 98% search completion successes.

Partner with us. Join our satisfied clients. You will experience a difference!


The Koblentz Group

The Koblentz Group

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