It’s Now or Never to Experience Joy

We all wish and hope for some day down the road when our dreams are fulfilled that we will then be happy. We stress, struggle and worry today thinking that the more we press forward against all odds that we will get to the future happiness quicker. Yes, working toward our goals takes focus and effort but it’s not the stressful type of effort that enables us to achieve true success and happiness.  It is positive action and calm clarity that creates the ultimate outcome that we desire.

pictures-happy-peopleWhat is the true outcome that you want from achieving any of your goals?  If you boil it down, it’s usually some good feeling that you expect to feel, such as pride, peace, comfort, freedom or joy. For example, you may want the promotion to experience pride.  You want the money to experience freedom. You want the new house to experience comfort. All of these lead to feelings of joy.

It’s essential to learn, however, that it is the happiness that you experience today while working toward your goals that creates the most amazing life.  When you truly enjoy the journey on your way to what you want, you actually achieve success easier, sooner and with outcomes greater than you even imagined. And truthfully, when the end goal is happiness and you experience happiness today while working toward your goals and dreams, then your preferred outcome is already being realized on your road to more.

One of my great teachers described it perfectly. If you are painting a painting, it is the creative process that is most enjoyable for you as you choose different colors and designs. If you can look at your life as the creation of an incredible masterpiece, then it is during the creation that we need to experience the most delight.  When you do, your energy, clarity, motivation, and joy are at such high levels that wonderful people, opportunities, and solutions flow to you like a river. And success, is then inevitable.

If instead you stress and struggle, you unable to think clearly and your negative energy blocks great opportunities and solutions from coming into your awareness and your life.  As I’ve been known to say, more stress means less success.

This is the basis of my new book titled, “Stressless Success™” that is due to be released later this year. The key to all of this is to learn how to be joyful today no matter what is happening around you or the concerns you are facing. This can be challenging for just about everyone because it is our tendency to choose negative thoughts. We wake up in the morning with initial thoughts of worry, fear, and stress and the rest of the day follows that pattern.

I tell my clients and workshop attendees often that what I am teaching is not always easy… but it is simple. There is a difference. The concepts are simple, but choosing to live this way is not always easy.  Life throws things at us that can feed our negativity if we choose. Many people teach the virtues of positive thinking, but in reality, that is not an easy concept to experience daily. No matter what your current situation is showing you (which is actually the result of prior years of stress and struggle), the key to climbing the ladder from worry to wonderful is to begin finding every small and large thing to appreciate in your situation and in your life this very moment.

Take the time to pay attention to the thoughts that you are choosing all throughout the day.

If you are choosing thoughts that feel uncomfortable (i.e. negative thoughts) then choose something to appreciate. This is just the beginning to learning my secrets of creating a life of joy and success. Continue to follow my blog, attend one of my workshops and retreats, or contact me for direct coaching, any of which are guaranteed to improve every area of your life. It is now or never, to experience joy. Because we are both friends of ExecuNet, I am offering you a complementary consultation to discuss your challenges with me and how my services can help you! 

Janet McKee

Janet McKee

Janet McKee, High-Performance ™ Success Coach, Wellness Expert, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and CEO of SanaView, is on a mission to help you lead a more successful life, both professionally and personally. As one of only 200 elite Certified High-Performance Coaches™ in the world and an inducted member of the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers, she is the creator of the acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program, which offers a variety of methods to ensure that you reach success in every area of your business and your life.Teaching proven methods to achieve greater levels of energy, motivation, joy, and confidence are the keys to her success in helping others. Learn more about the upcoming Accelerated High-Performance retreats or contact Ms. McKee directly at (724) 417-6695 or

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