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joining-group-peopleFrom time-to-time I find myself pleasantly jolted by just who is in the ExecuNet community. I received one such reminder this week when I looked at the list of people who joined in May. No, we weren’t joined by a celebrity CEO or coach – though we do have our share of those. What I saw were impressively credentialed executives from a wide array of industries, people from different backgrounds and industries, from companies large and small, at different stages of their career, with both similar and different challenges, goals and dreams … but who have that common desire to grow, learn and achieve. These are people I am proud to welcome into the membership.

I’ll give you some quick examples from the list:

  • Steve, 43, SVP of Marketing: Looking to widen his network and to keep an eye on “next step” possibilities that may be out there for him in the future.
  • Mike, 56, President of a manufacturing company: Values executive education and is looking to keep up in this ever-changing world.
  • Lorraine, 47, Director of Financial Services: Wants to work with our strategists to modernize her personal marketing materials.
  • Charlie, 62, SVP Manufacturing: Recently downsized, Charlie is out of work and concerned about his prospects.
  • Ahmed, 36, Director of Sales: Looking to make connections for a VP position.
  • Grace, 44, Entrepreneur: Former retail executive tired of corporate rat race looking to work for herself.

We can help all of these new members. Steve, Lorraine, Charlie, and Ahmed would benefit from attending local networking meetings in-person to start forging connections and establishing relationships. I’d also advise them to take advantage of our résumé review member benefit and to work with our career strategists on their personal marketing materials and next steps plan. They would also find value in our master classes on searching for jobs at the executive level – a process that has really evolved in recent years. Charlie would be particularly interested in our class for the over 50 job seeker by Dr. Jean Erickson Walker. Mike would find value in networking with others in the membership and our wide selection of master classes on business and leadership development. Grace has already watched a recording about franchising and has reached out to a franchise broker to learn more.

These are only some of the newest members of our community of over 700,000 executives. The quality of our membership is exceptional, and it fills me with pride to know that when I attend networking meetings, special in-person presentations, or online master classes, that I am in the room with impressive people who can understand the challenges I face and can help me overcome them.

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is ExecuNet's president and chief economist. An Arjay Miller Scholar, Mark received his MBA from Stanford University and a BA in economics from Yale University. He joined ExecuNet in 1993, with extensive marketing and new product and business development experience, having served as president and founder of A&M Associates, an investment management firm. Mark's corporate leadership experience includes several senior marketing and financial positions with RCA Global Communications (a GE subsidiary) and American Can Company.

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  • Gurvinder Rai
    May 25, 2016 (1:49 pm)

    I am new to the club, looking for ways to get started and make new connections, take a next step in career