The New Biggest Career Mistake

clueless-manIn past generations, you could expect to be loyal to a company, stay there for 25 years, and you would have job security. The recession of 2008 changed everything and now, that is no longer how job security works. In our new economy, you may find yourself looking for a new job when you least expect it. The quantity of opportunities available to you is great, but at the 200+ level they are hard to come by, miss out on one and your professional relevance will suffer.

Here is how and why the average executive role is only 18 months:

  • Your current employer is purchased by a larger company out of state.
  • Your employer’s product, service or business model no longer is relevant in today’s market. The money runs out with no more investors interested and no additional financing options available.
  • You are making more money than market value for your current duties and responsibilities. Reductions in workforce are now done from a fiscal perspective and no longer LIFO (last in, first out).
  • New PE investors with a new plan and their own people.
  • The new biggest career mistake is not consistently keeping an open mind to opportunities that will keep you in the highest demand in your industry and/or discipline.

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons You Should Look For a Job While You Don’t Need To:

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Saundra Botts

Saundra Botts

Saundra is an ExecuNet Career Strategist and Career Coach. Working 1:1 with high-level senior executives, Saundra provides strategic guidance and coaching to help ExecuNet members land their next great opportunity. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their careers. Additionally, she provides detailed feedback for improving a personal marketing collateral—well beyond their résumé. Leveraging her expertise, Saundra guides executives through the entire process from entering the job market, which for most is their first time, identifying the path to success, to onboarding with their new company and beyond to create job security.

Saundra is known for “opening doors” and has also facilitated Job Search and Transition Workshops for universities, FENG (Financial Executive Networking Group), and various executive leadership groups. Her depth of experience includes has over 15 years in Retained Search and contingency placement within corporate accounting and finance sector with First Call Search, Dubin & Lee and WinterWyman Search. Saundra has consulted with clients, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates. She has worked with $12 billion companies building accounting and finance teams, succession planning, and hiring, as well as filling key positions at many medium-sized, publicly-traded companies; non-profits; and universities in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles. ExecuNet Career Strategist and Career Coach.

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