Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest

door-openingIt’s no secret that the best job opportunities are never advertised. But the secret to success in finding those job openings eludes many executives in the hunt for a new position. Darrell W. Gurney, author of Never Apply for a Job Again!, explained for ExecuNet members what executives need to do—and not do—to find those hidden opportunities.

The first step is to break many of the rules that have been ingrained in us since childhood, as well as those learned as adults, said Gurney, also a career strategist, speaker, executive coach and founder of

Rules from childhood, such as “Don’t talk to strangers,” “Mind your own business,” “Don’t toot your own horn,” and “Play by the rules,” need to be broken.

Rules implied by life experience, such as “Don’t be pushy,” “Do things the right way,” and “Don’t ask for favors,” also must be broken since they are so limiting.

Gurney noted how because the majority of positions are filled before they’re advertised, it’s important to break the above rules and talk to the people who know these job openings exist.

Principles for Launching an Effective Stealth Campaign

Gurney offered 10 keys to help executives build relationships that will help lead them to a new career opportunity:

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