Is Your Mindset Sabotaging You from Crushing Through 6 Figures? 12 Mindset Mistakes – Part 1

six-figure-waveHave you looked at someone else who’s at that stage of life that you’re desiring to move into? When you look at them you think to yourself, “I can do that.” Or, “I’m just as good if not better!”

The problem isn’t that you can’t, or that it’s “too hard,” or that they’re better (because they’re not). The problem is that you don’t yet BELIEVE it’s possible AND that you can do it consistently!

Here’s the kicker, getting there is the easy part and just the first step. It’s MAINTAINING it. Getting in shape is easy, maintaining it is tricky.

Here are some ways that your mind is capping you below your potential.

1. You’re distracted and thrown off by your competition.

You see what someone has and/or does and in your MIND, you may think what you have or do isn’t as good. Do you want to know a secret? Here it is: 99% of the time, they either think it’s still not good enough, or they wish they had something you did. Have you ever gone to a party or networking function and felt a little bit nervous about what others are will perceive or how they will react to you? Guess what… So are they! The irony is that we’re ALL worrying about the SAME thing! We all migrate to the people we are comfortable with or hope to find someone we can have fun and engage with because we don’t want to feel awkward or like an outsider.

Want to stand out from the crowd and squelch that feeling quick? Go up to that person. Compliment and congratulate them on what they have as a peer. Say something genuine to make them feel good about it. And be real about celebrating their win! You’ll be surprised to find that in most cases, your competition is more like you than you think. And here’s what that does: subconsciously, you put yourself in a better mindset position. Because you helped to validate what they want: recognition, praise, and attention. They’re grateful for that, and for you.

2. You feel like an impostor.

The only reason we feel this way is because there’s a voice somewhere in the back of our heads that’s telling us that no matter what we do or have accomplished, it’s still not enough. That we don’t know enough. That we haven’t accomplished enough. Or that we haven’t earned enough. The truth is, reaching our true potential is a life long endeavor. Because once we reach a milestone, it’s in our nature to look to the next one. Yet in that climb to summiting the Everest of life, rarely do we take the time to stop, look back and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Take a moment right NOW, and take stock of at least 5 things you’ve accomplished this year alone. When you feel this way, the fastest way to shift this is by changing your perspective.

3. You have doubts about your product or service.

This one is tricky, especially if the service is something you provide. Here’s the deal, if there are flaws in your product, fix it. If it’s not yours to fix, what can it do? See you chose to work with that product or service for a reason. You shopped around before you made a decision. You were most likely aware of the flaws when you committed to it. Why? Because you found redeeming factors to focus on. What were those factors? Get back in touch with them. This is another perspective shift.

Be upfront with the flaws too. Most people dread and anticipate the objection, which throws off their body language and energy and then fumbles going through it or have some canned clever response. Why no bust through the objection BEFORE it even comes up and then relax your way through the presentation! When talking to someone just say, “I know we don’t have ___, and it’s something we’re working on, however, I believe and chose it myself because of _____.” Here’s the thing. We aren’t going to win every prospect. The reason that is, isn’t because there’s something wrong with you, it’s simply that they have different priorities. Or maybe they aren’t ready. Either way, it’s not a reflection of you. So shift your perspective, focus on the good, and follow up!

4. You make financial decisions without an investment mindset.

In other words, you aren’t focused on where you want to go.

Here’s the deal, who you are and what you have in your head got you to where you are now. Wherever you want to go, you’d be there right now if you could. The only reason why you aren’t is that you haven’t yet grown into the person you need to become. So let me ask you, whom do you need to become to get where you want to go? To handle the challenges you’ll face along the way with ease and grace?

I remember the first time I invested $10k into coaching with a mentor. It was painfully uncomfortable. I went into the bathroom and threw up. True story, my friend Pam was there with me and can verify!

But the program made sense, and I was confident it’d pay off in the long run. And it has, significantly! And the truth is, I don’t want to know where I’d be if I hadn’t.

What it takes to win the room is different then what it took to get into the room. Make decisions based on a place of abundance.

5. You haven’t found your ideal tribe.

If you’re offering your product or service to too many different people without addressing what’s most important to them, how your product can alleviate whatever it is that keeps them up at night or make their life easier, their eyes will glaze over your message in a sea of messages. Thus capping your business and income.

Whom do you love to serve? Who are your favorite clients? What kind of people you would love to speak to all day? Who energizes, excite and invigorate you? More importantly, HOW do you KNOW when you’re in front of THAT kind of person? When you know that, you’ll notice something interesting: these kinds of people share similar interests, pains, concerns, hopes, and desires. What are they? Speak into that. Chances are, they’re a lot like you.

This might be scary at first because it’s counter-intuitive because you may feel as if you’re not reaching a wide enough audience. Here’s the deal, when you try to be everything to everyone, you’re nothing to no one. It’s hard to win when everyone looks, sound and act the same.

6. You’re afraid to open up and be vulnerable in your message.

In a world where people walk around with a wall or wearing a suit of armor, be a rebel and be honest and real. Your vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s the source of your biggest strength. People love the story of an underdog or someone who’s overcome obstacles. Your vulnerability, once overcome, becomes your why. Here’s an example…

When I was 26 years old, I was at the top of my game, was a Captain in the Marine Corps, black belt martial arts instructor, had had my own company to of 250+ Marines and Sailors, owned 2 homes, and I was miserable. When I got out of the service, I spiraled. Combination of a dysfunctional childhood, being burnt out, a marriage that was over before it started, I lost my identity, and it was 2009 so I couldn’t find employment for at least 9 months. My first job was a door to door sales. I felt my mind and emotions starting to fracture, and I didn’t like the person looking at me in the mirror. Nothing changed after 8 months seeing a psychologist weekly. So I decided to take my personal development into my own hands. I made it my #1 priority. Thank God I did, or else I wouldn’t be where I am today. And it’s why I do what I do now, to help others cut that time of reinventing ourselves, breaking patterns and cycles, and overcoming hardship to 8 weeks or less. Because that’s what I wanted all those years ago. I basically created the program I needed. How to turn my life around in 8 weeks or less.

There’s my vulnerability story… However, I turned it into a source of strength. I made it my why.

  1. What was your struggle?
  2. How did you overcome it?
  3. What’s your why as a result?

Here are the first six. I published it in two parts to break it up and make it more digestible. It’s a lot of information packed into bite sizable little punches. Practice these, and we’ll see you in Part 2!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come in Part 2:

7. You’re afraid to follow up.

8. You’re neglecting your self care.

9. You are ignoring signs of burnout.

10. You associate change with pain.

11. You aren’t managing your time as wisely as you could.

12. You don’t have a system.

Enjoy! Please feel free to share if you think others will find value.

If something in here resonated with you and you’re ready for a change now, schedule a chat!

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue has served in the United States Marine Corp as a company commander, a logistics officer, and a black belt martial arts instructor, as well as completed two combat tours to Iraq. In 2008, she earned her Six Sigma green belt while running Battalion-level Logistics in Iraq. After transitioning from the Marine Corps, she gained a myriad of financial sector experience. She worked her way up from a trader to the director of operations at a financial trading and education firm. During that time, she specialized in trading psychology. She now coaches on leadership development, as well as changing, developing, and sustaining an organizational culture. Jade holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Minor in Japanese from the United States Naval Academy. She is also earning her Master of Liberal Arts in Organizational Psychology from Harvard Extension School.

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