Map and Manage the Common Landmines

land-mineThe ability and willingness to assess and deal with risk is often a critical differentiator between one’s success or failure in onboarding into a new company. In general, you’ll want to mitigate organization, role and personal landmines before accepting a job, and jumpstart relationships and learning even before day one so you can concentrate on successful delivery and adjustment after you start. Once you’ve been offered the job – and only after you’ve been offered the job – make sure it is right for you. This involves choosing between options and mitigating organization, role and personal risks by answering three questions:

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George Bradt

George Bradt

George Bradt is founder and managing director of PrimeGenesis, an executive on-boarding and transition acceleration group. PrimeGenesis prepares executives to hit-the-ground-running on day one, then accelerates the leader and team through a 100-day executive onboarding and transition acceleration process that establishes a high-performing business group aligned around shared purpose and a results-driven action plan.

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