Managing the Emotional Roller Coaster of Job Search: Managing Anger

smoke-from-mans-earsMost executives have experienced negative situations at some point in their career. These adverse experiences can turn into anger. Focusing your energy on anger weakens your job search abilities and can make you feel like a failure despite your qualifications. The degree of anger varies from person-to-person; however, many people get “stuck” feeling bitter and resentful and can’t search effectively.

There are many issues in the workplace that might result in anger. A few might be:

  • Passed over for a promotion or raise
  • Unfair business practices that resulted in being fired or laid off
  • Unfamiliar territory you are forced to navigate

Typical issues in job search that might result in anger:

  • Not getting interviews
  • No response from recruiters or hiring managers
  • Losing job offers you feel you deserve

It’s natural to feel anger in these types of situations. It’s important when this happen that you have a handle on your anger. How do you manage your anger? Do you express your anger in a healthy manner? Anger can build up and uncontrolled anger can be very serious.

Are you spending too much time focused on your circumstances and not on how to move forward? Despite obstacles, challenges, and hardships, you have the ability to bounce back.

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Louise Garver

Louise Garver

Louise Garver, part of ExecuNet's team of Coaches and Career Strategists, is a career industry expert for executives, has a successful 30-year history as an Executive Coach, Resume Writer, Branding and Job Search Strategist, with recruitment and corporate management experience along with 13 career-related certifications, a master's degree and post-graduate certification in career counseling. Executives work with her to capture their brand message and clearly, consistently and effectively communicate it in their career documents and communications. Louise is co-author of Win Interviews! The New Must-Have Game Plan and her work is featured in over 20 career publications.

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