Managing the Emotional Roller Coaster of Job Search: Isolation and Depression

unhappy-man-aloneMost people think that introverts are the only people who need or want to isolate themselves. Truth be told, when stress hits job seekers—introverts or extroverts—the tendency is to want to be left alone. Isolating yourself often leads to a vicious circle of loneliness, low self esteem, and depression.

Isolation and depression take an executive job seeker down a slippery slope:

  • Interfere with restful sleep. Studies have shown that you tend to sleep in spurts, waking in short intervals or experiencing restlessness. Not sleeping well can affect your ability to interview and communicate well.
  • Lead to physical illness. Loneliness has a systemic effect, possibly raising your stress hormone levels and making it harder for your body to repair the daily wear and tear of life. Feeling disconnected can actually hurt your immunity.
  • Make you catastrophize. You may have spent too much time ruminating why you lost your job or whatever, and now your brain is on alert for new social threats, therefore blowing a basically normal situation out of proportion.

How do you overcome isolation and depression during job search? A few conventional and unconventional tips:

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Louise Garver

Louise Garver

Louise Garver, part of ExecuNet's team of Coaches and Career Strategists, is a career industry expert for executives, has a successful 30-year history as an Executive Coach, Resume Writer, Branding and Job Search Strategist, with recruitment and corporate management experience along with 13 career-related certifications, a master's degree and post-graduate certification in career counseling. Executives work with her to capture their brand message and clearly, consistently and effectively communicate it in their career documents and communications. Louise is co-author of Win Interviews! The New Must-Have Game Plan and her work is featured in over 20 career publications.

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