Managing the Emotional Roller Coaster of Job Search – FRUSTRATION

frustrated-businessman-louise-garverThere are many frustrations that surface during a job search, and you will most likely encounter a few, if not many. Don’t let frustration get the best of you and stall or derail your search. It’s hard not to take rejection personally, or to understand why a recruiter hasn’t called you back. The key is how you manage your emotions. Your ability to cope with these frustrations will dictate how successful you will be in not only overcoming them, but also in reaching your goals.

Most executives looking for a new job opportunity or major change in their career are likely to experience frustrations from time-to-time. You can surmount these frustrations and persevere by implementing some of these techniques into your job search, moving forward with a positive attitude, and a lot of patience.

Recognize the Obstacles Standing in Your Way

For example: consider all the requirements delaying a hiring firm’s processes which could include such simple matters as turnover in the human resources department, or an urgent need that turns out not to be so urgent. With a lot of moving parts involved in executive hiring, recognize that this is “normal.” It will be helpful to you to first understand and prepare for the obstacles that result in job search frustration so that you can weather the challenges you may face.

Maintain Motivation

It’s hard to stay motivated during a job search when you encounter rejection and silence where you seek answers. We all have our own individual ways of staying motivated. Identify what motivates you – what recharges you – and apply those strategies.

Give Yourself a Break

Don’t be so hard on yourself and add to the stress of your job search. If you need a break from the job search activities, take one! A mini-vacation—whether it is an hour, a day, or a week, will ease your frustration and help you regain focus. In addition, you’ll feel more relaxed during your search and find new energy/motivation.

Create a Mastermind or Support Team

A strong support system is extremely helpful when coping with job search frustration. Creating your own mastermind team of friends, family members, mentors, and trusted peers that you can reach out to for emotional support during your search is key. These individuals can help you stay motivated and optimistic during your search.

The Power of a Positive Attitude and Confidence

Your attitude, belief that you will get offers, and how you present yourself to a prospective employer sets the stage for your viability as a candidate and underscores every aspect of your job search. Just because you haven’t secured an interview yet doesn’t mean no one wants to hire you. Put yourself in the mind of an employer to help figure out what hiring managers are looking for in an executive for the role you are targeting. Focus on the positives… your strongest attributes; skills, and leadership qualities, and how you can better market them to prospective employers.

Use Your Time Wisely

You should be spending about 30 hours a week connecting with people. Since approximately 75% of jobs are obtained through a personal referral, you need more than a resume alone to get your foot in the door of a prospective employer. Studies show that this percentage is higher for mature candidates. Tap into your friends and colleagues, LinkedIn, and other social media networking sites to network and increase your base of referrals.

Louise Garver

Louise Garver

Louise Garver, part of ExecuNet's team of Coaches and Career Strategists, is a career industry expert for executives, has a successful 30-year history as an Executive Coach, Resume Writer, Branding and Job Search Strategist, with recruitment and corporate management experience along with 13 career-related certifications, a master's degree and post-graduate certification in career counseling. Executives work with her to capture their brand message and clearly, consistently and effectively communicate it in their career documents and communications. Louise is co-author of Win Interviews! The New Must-Have Game Plan and her work is featured in over 20 career publications.

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