How to Make This Year Different From the Last

new-yearThe first question shouldn’t be what is it we want for the new year, it should be, what are we bringing to the new year? The reason why most New Year’s Resolutions do not work out is because we think we are starting with a clean slate, but we are actually still carrying yesterday’s baggage. Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” The same applies to creating something new!

The first thing to do then is to do what’s called a Personal Archeology. Where you ask yourself a series of questions and free write:

  • “What were the things I wanted created for the prior year?”
  • “What were all the things that I let get in the way?”
  • “What were all the excuses and reasons that I let become more important than making last year even better?”
  • “If there is a connection between them, what is it?”
  • “Why did I let all those reasons become more important?”

Notice the line of questioning isn’t, “What or who stopped me.” Because it has nothing to do with other people. Because people will be people. Life will be life. Both will happen this year as it did last year. Changing that isn’t within our control, but changing ourselves absolutely is!

We continue on asking and writing, but now we move into the transformation piece:

  • “What’s the lesson I can learn about myself?”
  • “Who do I need to become to rise above them, what qualities must I strengthen within myself?”
  • “What would it look and feel like to be that person?”
  • “What’s one thing I can start doing everyday to become that?”
  • “What will my life be like once I’ve integrated this new way of being into my life?
  • “What will my life be like to be that person who rises above my past and accomplishes my goals for this year?”

Once that ONE thing becomes a habit and who you are, what’s the next thing. Add that to your routine. Rinse and repeat!

Happy New Year and make it EPIC!

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue

Jade Goodhue has served in the United States Marine Corp as a company commander, a logistics officer, and a black belt martial arts instructor, as well as completed two combat tours to Iraq. In 2008, she earned her Six Sigma green belt while running Battalion-level Logistics in Iraq. After transitioning from the Marine Corps, she gained a myriad of financial sector experience. She worked her way up from a trader to the director of operations at a financial trading and education firm. During that time, she specialized in trading psychology. She now coaches on leadership development, as well as changing, developing, and sustaining an organizational culture. Jade holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Minor in Japanese from the United States Naval Academy. She is also earning her Master of Liberal Arts in Organizational Psychology from Harvard Extension School.

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