How to Look & Feel Your Best During Job Search

Feeling Anxious in Your Job Search? Learn How to

Manage Stress and Practice Self-Care … so that

You Are Confident and Effective!

look-feel-best-elizabeth-shermanIf you’re a top performer who is looking for a new position, or transitioning careers in 2019, you’ll want to listen to this ExecuNet Master Class session led by Executive Health Coach, Elizabeth Sherman.

Looking for a new job is undeniably stressful. There are so many worries that run through our minds: When am I going to find work? Am I hirable? Over-qualified? Is my social circle going to find out? Is the next position going to give me the opportunities that I crave? How do I find those opportunities that I know are out there? And will it be a right fit, culturally? Am I going to appear desperate, or settle for a less than ideal position?

All of these worries are natural. But those anxieties tend to paralyze us – and make us believe that if we just keep persisting, that if we keep going and working 110%, we’ll land our dream position faster. But what if that dream position isn’t even available for the next 3 months? Isn’t all of that anxiety and worry wasted? Wouldn’t you rather feel good and confident, instead of tense and uneasy?

How do we get to the business of finding that job, and out of the paralyzing thoughts in our head? In this session you’ll learn:

  • How diffuse-thinking can profoundly impact your job search, career and life
  • How your health habits (sleep, stress, eating, and movement) can actually improve your creativity and confidence during the search
  • Why self-care is not just for women, and more than just massages and pedicures
  • The signals that will tell you that you need to practice stress management
  • 3 techniques to reduce anxiety

 Here’s What Some Attendees of the Live Event Had to Say:

  • “VERY beneficial”
  • “Great topic and speaker”
  • “This should be part of our lives, not only when we are looking for a job.”
  • “I didn’t expect to get much out of it, but did as Elizabeth asked and approached it with an open mind. I’m highly aware of my behaviors that aren’t helping with my search and confidence. This presentation provided a few nuggets that I can apply that will have a substantial impact.”
  • “I have heard most of this information, but it is always good to catch up on the latest information and studies that are being done on the inter-connectivity of how everything works together. Also, that you are not in this alone. I think many job searchers feel like they are the only ones…”
  • “Very motivational and uplifting. I suspect many of us in the audience are in the same boat – a bit isolated while entrenched in a job search.”
  • “Good to hear it and get re-energized.”
  • “Really enjoyed Elizabeth’s genuine demeanor and presentation.”

Here’s a Preview:

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