How long Until AI Replaces Me?

AI isn’t something we have to worry about at the executive level. That’s the assessment of internationally renowned recruiter trainer Barbara Bruno. Just like the Internet wasn’t the end for executives, AI will not eliminate the need for experienced, effective leadership.

That does not mean executives can stand back. They need coaches to help them remain ready and current. They need to make an effort to remain up to date on trends. “You always want to be seen as an executive who embraces change” so there isn’t really a major adjustment to make, says Barb.


Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno, author of HIGH-TECH HIGH-TOUCH RECRUITING: How To Attract And Retain The Best Talent By Improving The Candidate Experience, is an internationally recognized recruiting expert who has a proven track record of helping recruiters and talent acquisition professionals become more successful and less stressed. She has created several popular LinkedIn Learning courses and is president of Good As Gold Training, HR Search, Inc., and Happy Candidates.

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