How to Listen to Your Male Friend or Partner

Don’t Demand

For a man to share some of his softer and emotional sides he needs to make the decision on his own. Demanding emotional support is only going to shut him down.


woman-listeningWhen the man finally opens up, just listen, Don’t provide solutions, ideas, or interruptions. If you are not present with him, he will know and he will shut down.

Stop Doing All of the Work

Take responsibility for your feelings but don’t take responsibility for your man’s feelings. If he doesn’t want to express how his day was or be in togetherness time then let him have his space.

Honor the Differences

Many women believe that the man doesn’t want to connect. That’s not true, they just connect differently. If a man is wired for independence first he usually just needs more time alone before he can talk. Allow him that time without pressure.

Acknowledge Him

Do not belittle his feelings even if as a joke.

Tell your man that you appreciate his willingness to be open and vulnerable. Let him know how much courage it takes to share his feelings.

Rahaf Kobeissi

Rahaf Kobeissi

Rahaf Kobeissi is a mental health coach who has overcome depression, anxiety, and professional obstacles herself. She knows the value of peace of mind and professional growth, which is why she made it her purpose to help YOU transform YOUR life the way she did hers.

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