Letting Go: The Benefits of Sharing Responsibility

Letting-Go-The-Benefit-Of-Sharing-Responsibility-LAURA-STACKWe’ve all encountered people who wield their power like a club, whether they work in corporate or government jobs.

Until relatively recently, most organizations were hierarchical, and most lower-level workers had little power or autonomy. As new technology has loosened managerial control, this has eased somewhat. While workers exhibit a greater willingness and ability to execute strategy, managers nonetheless often remain reluctant to share responsibility and authority. It may be that in our secret hearts, we all believe the right thing to do is to hold onto all the power we can, especially as we rise into the executive ranks.

When you were a kid, your parents probably made you share your toys. You may have done the same with your own kids. However, most people don’t want to share their riches. As an adult, pride, the desire to retain power, long experience at a job, a busy schedule, and a reluctance to let others do your job may hold you back from sharing your work responsibilities. But you’re not a polar bear or a parrot. As a human being, you don’t have to let hardwired instinct or your upbringing limit you.

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Laura Stack

Laura Stack

Laura Stack is America's premier expert in personal productivity. For over 20 years, her speeches and seminars have helped professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations improve output, execute efficiently, and save time at work. She's the author or coauthor of 10 books, most recently, What to Do When There's Too Much to Do. To invite Laura to speak at your next meeting or register for her free weekly newsletter, visit TheProductivityPro.com

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