Lead the Shift to an Organizational Culture of Learning

According to Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” By fostering a work environment that supports and encourages continuous growth and application of knowledge, executives can ensure a competitive edge through learning culture. Results from a survey of L&D professionals that formed the basis for findcourses.com’s L&D Report 2018 show top-performing organizations were five times more likely to have a learning culture. This suggests a learning culture may be a key indicator of business success and is a benchmark of success in any organization.

what-is-a-learning-culture-postitAs the heart of learning in most organizations, the L&D department has an important role to play in this culture shift. However, 90% of L&D managers and directors surveyed who reported a strong learning culture in their organization also indicated that their senior executives were actively engaged in L&D activities. Further supporting this, the number one comment left by respondents on the subject of creating a learning culture was how important meaningful and public support from senior leaders within their company was to this endeavor.

Changes to company culture must be led from the top, and a change to learning culture may be just what your organization needs. As a leader, can you do more to support your L&D department? See the numbers from the survey below:


Courtney McIntosh

Courtney McIntosh

Courtney McIntosh is the site manager at https://www.findcourses.com/, North America’s most popular search engine for professional training. She works to ensure that professionals are able to easily navigate the site and find the right classroom, on-site, or online training course. Now located in Stockholm, Courtney was born and raised in Indiana and graduated from Hanover College in 2012.

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