Landing a Position in Private Equity

businessman-with-tablet-Mike LorelliPrivate Equity is an excellent investment class with returns several points ahead of the S&P 500. Today, municipal and state pension funds, endowments, and corporate pensions are allocating a significant portion of their money here to bring up the overall fund return. Private Equity is also an attractive, invigorating, and potentially lucrative career choice, particularly for people with a good, traditional, corporate underpinning. And there are 1,700 private equity firms in the US alone.  How do you best position yourself, and target a practical short list out of those 1,700?

In this Master Class session, Mike Lorelli,Operating Partner with Falconhead Capital, and Executive Chairman of Rita’s Franchise Company, will coach you through the world of private equity for a first-hand look at what resonates with these firms. Attend this session to learn:

  • How private equity firms evaluate talent for their portfolio companies
  • The key positions and key players to target (tip: it’s not necessarily the ones making the big headlines)
  • Three key strategies for marketing yourself to private equity firms
  • Tactics for each of the core three strategies, including important private equity career sites, and recruiters
  • How to create the right impression when you first meet a private equity team (which is crucial to securing a role)
  • What you should expect from the interview process, including the interview questions you will likely be asked
  • The importance of the right LinkedIn profile

You’ll also gain a succinct knowledge of the private equity model: how the private equity firm creates value, what’s in it for the investors, the private equity firm, and executives who participate either in the private equity firm itself, or with one of their portfolio companies.

  • “Excellent presentation; I am confident about my success in securing a role with a PE company.”
  • “This was an extremely content rich webinar. Thank you (and the speaker) for spending time with the ExecuNet community today. I walked away with some actionable next steps. It was time well spent.”
  • “The best webinar that I have attended!”

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William Flamme

William Flamme

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