To Land Your Ideal Role, It’s Simple: Be Conversation-Ready

There’s a false narrative we commonly hear from top executives who are either not in the job market or may be peering in from the sidelines with some amount of interest. It goes something like this:

“When I’m ready I’ll start actively looking.”

Here at ExecuNet, this strikes us as a bit odd.

Why? Because first, we hear it from leaders who know that, for their organizations to succeed, they must remain focused on the market all the time.

Second, because great opportunities often come about informally. Whether you’re looking or not, they have a way of finding you.

So, we believe executives benefit from being “conversation ready” at all times. This means:

  1. Knowing your unique market value, which communicates your personal advantage;
  2. Being able to communicate it fluently in informal conversations, which can take place anywhere, anytime; and
  3. Having a succinct one-page profile preferred by top officials.

There has not been a better market for talented executives than the one we are seeing today – especially for those who have stories of peering around corners before others, conceptualizing new adaptations or new paths, and those who understand the connection between behavior, culture, and market prominence.

Being “conversation ready” is your passport to effectively entertaining the sometimes unsolicited and informal conversations that frequently lead you to the best opportunities and a fresh start.

If you’d like to learn more about how ExecuNet can help take your career forward, then set up a time to chat with a Career Strategist.

Erica Smith

Erica Smith

Erica Smith is Managing Director of ExecuNet's Career Strategy Group. Erica provides strategic guidance and coaching to help ExecuNet Members land their next opportunity. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their careers. This also includes providing detailed feedback for improving a member's personal marketing collateral—well beyond their resume.

Having held executive-level positions in companies representing multiple industries, the federal government and within respected consulting companies, she brings a unique perspective for executives. Erica’s depth of expertise of optimizing change and transitions for complex organizations and high-performing leaders has been gained through designing solutions with clients from Fortune 50 companies to entrepreneurial organizations. These include Technology, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Banking, Government (e.g. NASA and Homeland Security), Energy and Utilities, Marketing, eCommerce and Consulting firms.

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