The Key to Finding Fulfillment at Work

The workplace is fraught with people and events that create stress, frustration, and confusion. All too often we reach a point where we ask ourselves, “Is it the job or is it me?” It’s probably you not knowing how to effectively navigate undesirable situations because you have not developed all of the tools necessary to progress through all seven stages of character development. “The lack of character development of the leaders within organizations is the biggest hurdle to organizational health and success,” says Terri Jacke, a career and executive coaching expert who discussed her guide for achieving success at work with ExecuNet’s Head of Learning, Tony Vlahos.

Jacke’s new book Is This a Lousy Job or is it Me? is a guide through the seven stages of character development which span an individual’s entire workplace experience. She explains how people can become stuck in a stage, most commonly the third, and it really causes problems for their success and their happiness.

Here’s a look at their conversation:

  • 01:00  The origins of Jacke’s study of the differences people show in the workplace
  • 02:35  Defining character
  • 04:49  Dealing with challenging co-workers
  • 07:00 The most difficult to move through
  • 09:04  Advice for being your authentic self
  • 12:25  What the person making a career move should know

William Flamme

William Flamme

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