The Journey Forward

Our clients, public and private controlled, and in multiple sectors—continue to face the granular operating challenges of today’s disruptive economic climate while positioning for enhancing future enterprise value.

execunetselect-man-overlooking-cityNuanced, complex and betting on the unknowns requires a true acute appreciation for leadership… execution well delivered, with the right resources aligned and with the most qualified and agile executives.

Frequently, we have observed that leaders take too much comfort in their executives and don’t place enough stock into evaluating whether, given today’s benchmarks and the high cost of not meeting those expectations, whether their leaders are fully able to make the courageous and oftentimes uncomfortable decisions to assure a viable future. That’s where we play a critical and valuable role…assessing and recruiting key leaders for their demonstrated ability to perform now and with proven performance leap.

Over the last several months, with National reach, we have completed engagements for companies of various sectors and scale such as Coke One, EmployBridge, Farmer Brothers, EVO Payments, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Enable Comp, Valtir (Trinity Highway Products), among others… And, for portfolio investments of Welch, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, Monomoy Capital Partners, Apollo, et al.

What Our Clients Are Seeking

Treating each client and engagement as unique, there are a few current commonalities and considerations…

  • All seek leaders who are able to execute under uncertainty with a keen awareness and appreciation of reaching a decision with speed knowing that adjustments will be required as conditions warrant…. Resilience and an “open mind” adaptability while avoiding the traps of the usual “not invented here” that inhibits change.
  • Leaders with this mindset are in short supply…Those, who, beyond applicable experience, will bring true foresight, an agile mindset and a performance track record along with generational sensitivities and belief in inclusiveness.
  • In addition to an increasing requirements for CEOs (experiencing the highest turnover of the past two decades) and the recruitment for board seats, demand for strategically and talent-oriented CHROs and Technology Leaders (CIOs, CTOs, and Chief Digital Officers) are at the forefront. This heightened demand reflects the pressure on, and by, Boards and/or ownership to better “partner” human capital and technology to accrete value by more efficiently aligning & leveraging controllable factors in a less than the predictable competitive commercial environment.

Expectations, The Next Twelve Months

While we don’t profess to possess a crystal ball, we are observing a dramatic shift driven by this high number of CEO changeouts and the priorities and performance expectations that their boards have set for these new leaders… and, therefore for their executive teams.

  • As the economic environment becomes less predictable, the request for our service continues to accelerate as clients face increasing pressures to attract and recruit operating executives who will shape their culture and align more effectively to achieve tangible outcomes, NOW.
  • Specifically, we are in the midst of several engagements where our clients are demanding leaders who will enhance and accelerate the “controllables,” execute and continually adjust to achieve superior outcomes. Within that context, given the current pressure on equity valuations, our clients are seeking track records of applying technology smartly as a major element of successful & ongoing transformations.
  • Also, we are experiencing an uptick in the demand for marketing leaders who are able to work through the complexities and nuances of achieving customer loyalty as well as for CFOs who, beyond technical experience, will upgrade the finance function’s skill and ability to strategically influence results. job market

The Koblentz Group

The Koblentz Group

The Koblentz Group is a “Sensitive Matters Firm” specializing in critical leadership executive search, the highly complex recruitment of new board of directors, and the evaluation of key senior management. We are also called upon to assist corporate boards in evaluating their effectiveness and to provide advice on CEO and leadership succession.

Our Results and How We Perform...

Over the past 35 years, our Partners have served publicly traded companies, private and family controlled concerns, as well as investor controlled enterprises worldwide, earning a reputation for meeting our commitments to our clients.

Since our founding, we have completed 98% of our search engagements...our performance is, by far, best in class. And, as a testament to the outcomes that we achieve, about 75% of our engagements in any given year are awarded to us from companies that we have previously served.

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