Job Search Myth 1.06: The Most Qualified Person Wins the Job

Executive Job Search Myth Buster
It’s time for another Executive Job Search Myth Buster.


“After the interview, the most qualified person gets the offer.”


Just because you look great on paper does not guarantee you the job. Hiring managers don’t hire the most qualified person. They hire the one they want to work with the most.

In some ways, a job interview is similar to a first date. It’s a sniff test: Your possible next boss is thinking, “Sure, they looked great on paper, but is this candidate attractive in real life? Are they really interested in me, too, or am I just a rebound date (following a painful breakup with their last company)? Are they intelligent? Optimistic? Do they have the passion and drive to add positively to the work we do?”

Chemistry counts. Attitude counts. Marketing really counts. Every time you do a job interview, you’re marketing. You’re either selling the story of your purpose, worth and enthusiasm, or you’re not. happy-green-dragonAnd usually, you get what you put in.

My Advice:

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Anthony Vlahos

Anthony Vlahos

Tony Vlahos is the Chief Marketing Officer of ExecuNet. Since 2014, he has hosted the original web series ExecuNet Master Class. Tony interviews the world’s top business thinkers, writers, and leaders.

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