Job Search Myth 1.05: Applying for Jobs Online Really Works

Executive Job Search Myth Buster
Yes, it’s time for another Executive Job Search Myth Buster:


“Submitting my résumé online to 10 employers every morning increases my chances of getting hired.”


If my math is right (bear with me, I majored in English), after 10 days you will have mailed out 100 copies of your résumé. Here’s the problem: There aren’t 100 jobs out there that are right for you. You could be the right person for a couple, or maybe three jobs … but 100?

Applying for dozens of jobs online is not an effective way to find work. Even if you come across a description supposedly tailored to your experience, and even if your application or résumécontains all the keywords found in the job ad, the odds of getting a response are close to zero. Why? Because the value you will bring to your next employer won’t impress the online form you completed. Applicant tracking systems aren’t smart enough (or human enough) to process you correctly.

My Advice:

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Anthony Vlahos

Anthony Vlahos

Tony Vlahos is the Chief Marketing Officer of ExecuNet. Since 2014, he has hosted the original web series ExecuNet Master Class. Tony interviews the world’s top business thinkers, writers, and leaders.

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