Job Search Myth 1.02: If You’re Over 50, Quit Looking

Executive Job Search Myth Buster
Time for another Executive Job Search MythBuster, and it’s a good one:


“If you’re past 50 and thinking of a career switch, forget it.”


Midlife executives will tell you that age discrimination, although tough to prove, is very real. If you’re one of them, then you know the stereotypes:

  • “She’s over 50, so she’ll only want to work here for a short time compared with younger people.”

(In many cases, the exact opposite is true: The midlife executive tends to be more loyal and stick around longer than, say, your typical millennial worker who is moving around to acquire new skills.)

  • “He’s over 50, so he will be less productive than younger executives.”

(Of course, this is rubbish. Many midlife workers have an enviable get-up-and-go attitude. Not to mention the track records to prove it.)

  • “She’s overqualified. We can’t pay her enough.”

(If you suspect salary will be a barrier, follow this tip: Draw the hiring manager’s attention to the financial advantages of hiring you. Use specific examples from your earlier experiences to show how you increased revenue generation, or cut costs, or otherwise helped other organizations realize increased savings.)

happy-green-dragonWhile age bias is real, the good news for midlife workers is that employers are mostly focused on the need for adept people who can get stuff done.

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Anthony Vlahos

Anthony Vlahos

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