Invisible Leaders

invisible-leadersThe invisible leaders. You may not know who they are, you may not know what they do, but they are there. They are quietly working on cultivating peace within the ranks of your employees.

They are the ones who will be listening to their peers who are experiencing problem regardless of if it is personal or professional by nature. They are the ones who will sense when one of their peers needs to take a walk before they show their cracks to others. Their presence is not noticed while they are in the midst of others but there will be a sense that something is not quite right when they are gone. You will not necessarily ever piece together what exactly has changed because they try to keep as discrete as possible.

They most likely will not have a fancy title and they may not be too high on your pay scale, but their contribution is priceless. They are the glue on teams. They are the cheerleaders. They are the fearless who are not afraid to speak the truth. As a matter of fact, that is when you notice them most. You see, the invisible leader stays quiet until there is a need to speak up. When they do it they will take you by surprise. You will challenge: “Who are they to talk like that!” without ever giving credence to what they have said.

These types of leaders are critical to the business machine. They are few in number and dwindling quickly. Their feeling of success is not comprised of money or title and for many reasons that is why they go undetected. Their feeling of success comes from lifting up those around them, helping a fellow co-worker off the ledge, consoling them when they just got a bad review.

Their success comes from knowing that their value does not end with the tasks that they complete.

Their success comes from knowing the workplace is a better place by having them a part of it because they acknowledge others value along the way.

These types of leaders do not want to rise in the ranks because it gets them away from the front-line with the people that they want to help and work with. They also want to have balance in their lives to spend time with their family and friends. They want to be able to help out at the school when their child has a field trip. They want to be available for their parent who needs to get to the doctor and would prefer not going alone.

These types of leaders are invisible and like it that way. How do I know? I am one of them.

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Raissa Urdiales

Raissa Urdiales

Raissa Urdiales is a strategic leader experienced in large-scale business transformation and change management within the Healthcare and Manufacturing Industries focusing in the area of Human Capital. She has a degree in Psychology specializing in Organizational Development. She looks for balance in life through all things that make us human. As a lifelong learner, she believes in paying it forward by mentoring and coaching those around her. She has a passion for writing and enjoys painting landscapes from her travels around the world. In the Digital Age, and the movement from the Baby Boomer Generation to the Millennial Generation, she takes her role as a GenXer very seriously. She believes GenXers are here to bridge the gap and assure we stay human in the new Digital Age.

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