What Investors Want in a Pitch Deck

Pitch-me-button-Judy-RobinettWhat are investors looking for in your pitch deck?

They want to see a one-sentence value proposition. Keep it simple when you explain what your idea is/does. Investors may well not have the technical background to grasp all the nuisances and jargon you are so excited about. Use more pictures than words when trying to get your idea across.

You need to talk about your business plan, your team and the market place. Relay these in one page each. You have plenty of time to go into greater detail if there is interest, but until then, do not overwhelm potential investors.

If you’re in front of an angel group you have 10-12 minutes to entice them, so keep it short, simple and to the point. They hear lots of great ideas. “Your goal is to get to the second date. They are looking at you and trying to figure out if you’ve got character, if you’re coachable, and if you can sell,” said Judy Robinett in her Master Class Crack the Funding Code – Get on the Path to Funding Your Company.

Listen to Judy talk about what investors want to see in a pitch deck in this except from her popular Master Class.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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