An Illuminating Talk With John Sculley and Hope Frank

john-sculley-lgFasten your seat belt for an extraordinary hour of information and transformation.

In this special edition of ExecuNet Master Class, John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi-Cola and Apple, successful entrepreneur and mentor, shared insights on:

  • Apple and Steve Jobs
  • How to create a billion-dollar business
  • How to deliver a “lights-out” customer experience
  • How to find a great mentor
  • The extraordinary power of zooming and perhaps most valuable
  • How to pivot when your back is against the wall.

Listen to the recording here:

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Here’s what some attendees of the live event had to say:

“Talks like this are life-changing and make you see things from a different perspective.”

“Great learning that I can apply right away on my outside board seat/function and daily functions.”

“Worth an hour of any business person’s time.”

“The conversational quality of the information is highly valuable. These are not prepared remarks, they are genuine insights.”

“This content would apply to any leader in any industry. Practical and real world experience from high-level successful people.”

“An opportunity to glean pearls of wisdom from the best of the best in the business world.”

“How often do you get to listen to a Fortune 100 CEO and CMO talk? I don’t know how many other listeners were online, but it felt like it was just Tony, John, Hope and I having a conversation. Can’t wait to do it again!”

John Sculley has his finger on the pulse of today’s business world in the US and globally. Listen to this recording of the web event to hear him share where it’s headed and how you can build a huge, transformative business today. He discusses his views on what’s really happening in the middle class in the US and in emerging markets. He shares stories from Apple, the behind-the-scenes interviews from the director of the Steve Jobs movie (2015) as well the recent success of Obi Worldphone, where he is founder and chairman.

John continues to be a mentor to Hope Frank, CMO, with whom he worked initially 20 years ago. The two continue a firm commitment to transformative marketing and an authentic lifestyle, with laser focus on quality of people, potential and passion.

William Flamme

William Flamme

William Flamme is ExecuNet's Marketing Content Manager, where he is responsible for developing engaging career, job search, and leadership insight and delivering executive-level content across the various properties under the ExecuNet brand. Prior to joining ExecuNet in 2008, Will earned a master's degree in education and taught fifth grade and sixth grade. As a teacher, he deepened his appreciation for the written word and mastered skills necessary for managing writers who sometimes view deadlines as homework.

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  • Jeroen de Vries
    March 2, 2016 (10:17 am)

    Thank you ExecuNet, and John Scully and Hope Frank! Great talk, insightful and inspiring.