Your Identity: Your #1 Career Success Factor

businessman-with-question-mark-headEffective leadership isn’t simply a skills challenge anymore; it’s a human challenge. Knowing who you are – not just promoting what you’ve done – is fast becoming an essential success factor. Research reveals five major attributes of the future leader, which underscore the importance of personal identity:

  • Authenticity – the ability to be fully yourself … to know your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths
  • Integrity– the ability to stand up for what you believe in
  • Communication – the ability to listen deeply to others
  • Collaboration –  the ability to work with “the many,” not just “the few”
  • Individuality– the ability to connect individuals with jobs, projects, and teams that are personally meaningful to them

This Master Class is for senior executives who want to become more effective leaders today, and for up-and-coming executives who aspire to lead others tomorrow. Listen to the class and learn:

  • The basics of the identity discipline and how to apply them
  • How to develop a career that leverages your unique, value-creating characteristics
  • How to develop a personal leadership brand that is distinctive, authentic and sustainable

Socrates was right when he said “know thyself:” If you don’t understand who you are, you will wind up lost. But if you clarify and stay true to who you are, you will have the foundation you need to succeed.

Here’s what some attendees of the live event had to say:

  • “It is a subject that is criminally under-appreciated.”
  • “I am about to start a new job search and maybe a career change, so really diving into “who I am” and the other seven questions will be an essential part of my process. A great approach to looking at your life and career choices.”
  • “I need to truly get my arms around being able to understand and articulate the value that I bring.”
  • “For me, it was a different way of looking at life!”
  • “I’m going to get the book Identity Code, do the review, and build my identity.”
  • “Provided a moment of self-reflection and I started thinking about who I am.”
  • “Great information. Wish [the class] was longer!”
  • “Continue providing classes with experts like Larry.”
  • “To date, I have attended about 4 events. I am impressed that the sessions are not one dimensional by being focused only on job search principles; instead, they include application for success IN the next job.”

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William Flamme

William Flamme

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