How Strategic Are Your Current Relationships?

value-network-wordcloudThrough the years I’ve brought a lot of promising young companies (primarily tech start-ups) to the attention of angel investors and VC funds, and one of the first questions I ask entrepreneurs is, “What’s your business plan?” Before they risk investing in a company, funders want to see a strong, concise, detailed description of exactly how and when the business will turn a profit.

My question to you is, do you have a business relationship plan - a strategy for developing the connections that will help you succeed?

The right network can represent significant value for you and your business, because the people in it can provide connections, opportunities, funding, and support. But to build a strong network will require an investment of your time and effort. That’s why I believe you must have a plan for finding and building the relationships that can mean the most for your success, and a system for deepening those relationships over time.

Developing a valuable network starts by assessing your current one. Here are a few questions to get you thinking:

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Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett

Judy Robinett is the author of How to Be a Power Connector: The 5-50-150 Rule. She is a business thought leader who is known as "the woman with the titanium digital Rolodex." Learn more about Judy and her work.

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