Why Hierarchy Stifles Creativity

hierachy-pyramidhierachy-pyramidHierarchies are great sometimes, just not necessarily for finding great ideas.

One of the foundational principles in organizations is the notion of the hierarchy. Efficient organizations need an efficient chain of command. Well-managed organizations require the supervision of trained managers running their departments and reporting upward to more senior decision makers. While there is raging debate about how deep or wide the structure of an organization should be, few would argue that the hierarchy should be scrapped all together. For all their efficiencies, hierarchies turn out to be remarkably inefficient when organizations are trying to leverage creative ideas and increase their innovation.

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David Burkus

David Burkus

David BurkusĀ is the author of The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas. For free resources from David, check out http://davidburkus.com/resources

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