Why Should I Help Recruiters With Their Searches?

I have heard helping a recruiter with their searches, even when I’m not a candidate, is a great way to build a relationship with them. Can you please explain why?

Ann-Z-newThe short answer is Karma. The better answer is The Rule of Reciprocity. The flower children in San Francisco in the 60s implemented this behavior and it worked wonders for their fund raising efforts. By passing out flowers, people felt compelled to make a donation. How many of us receive unsolicited  mailing labels from one charity or another, and feel compelled to send in a donation? By doing something kind for someone that is in a position to potentially help you, you are creating the rule of reciprocity.

By making a point of setting up Google alerts of job openings in a company that you are interested in joining, or perhaps staying alert of a recruiter that works in your field active searches, and offering suggestions of potential candidates, you are staying on their radar screen in an innovative, positive way. While the vast majority of people that contact us want something from us, reaching out with an offer to help sets you apart from everyone else. It also gives you a terrific excuse to contact us, by providing names of potential candidates.

When you do that, it is also smart to just add a small note saying that to please keep you in mind if we do come across any XYZ roles within the ABC space. We are all deluged by so much these days, small reminders like that will help us tie in your name to your area of expertise.

I occasionally receive calls or emails from candidates that want to suggest names of  former co-workers because they see a search that may be a good match for someone they have previously worked with.  They are taking the time to do something nice for me, and I sincerely appreciate it. They are  then naturally “top of mind” because they continue to stay on my radar screen in a very pleasant, positive manner. So when the time comes and a search crosses my desk, and I have a  database full of potential candidates as well as the guy that has been so gracious in periodically sending me names, who do you think  is going to be my first call about the opening?

Finding ways to stay in touch in a positive way is always smart for multiple reasons. In addition to helping with searches, I would also suggest making a point to interact with hiring managers within your targeted companies as well as recruiters within your niche on LinkedIn by connecting with them and engaging with them on their posts, as well as periodically sharing  information on your own page that others may find of interest.

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William Flamme

William Flamme

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