Happiness: 6 Ways to Make You Happier

bizwoman-thumbsup“Happy,” the very word sounds good, and well, happy. Happiness is what we wish others on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions. Yet the overall level of happiness, especially for women, has decreased in the past 40 years. It seems the more we say we value it, the less of it we experience as a culture. Why?

Perhaps we are misled by the language in our Constitution about our right to “the pursuit of happiness.” Happiness is best experienced in the now, not by chasing after it. We are conditioned to strive for things, while actually the best way to achieve happiness is simply to be happy. This is not a riddle; happiness is a choice. How do we choose happiness?

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Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam grew up as an abused and neglected child in Hong Kong. Wanting to help others and to right the wrongs, she left home as a teen to come to America alone to study. She became a business leader (CEO Of Aveda, President of Reebok and Vice President of Nike) and a global humanitarian. She shares in her latest book, "The Happiness Choice" how you can live a life of happiness, health and success. It's her way of giving back to the world for all the blessings she's received.

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