Gaining the Support of Subordinates and Colleagues

What is one thing a new executive can do to gain the support of subordinates and colleagues?

You can’t go it alone. No matter how good a leader you may be, you don’t have the institutional knowledge to successfully navigate in your new company. You must earn trust and develop relationships, and Emily Bermes believes the best way to do that is to “Be real.” When you take a new role there’s pressure to pretend to have answers you do not yet have. That actually works against you because it’s very likely the people you are dealing with know you don’t have the answers yet. You simply cannot be credible when you are pretending. “The leaders who have the most power are the ones who are willing to say, ‘I don’t have a point of view on that… but I will.’” It cannot be your only answer, but you need to be honest, show you are trustworthy and invite the subject matter experts to help you with your learning curve.

Listen to executive assimilation expert Emily Bermes talk with ExceuNet Master Class Host Tony Vlahos about gaining credibility when one’s new to an executive role:

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William Flamme

William Flamme

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