Franchising is Much More Than Fast Food

There are so many myths about franchising that people believe to be true that actually are not true. The #1 franchising myth is franchising is basically just fast food. That is very far from true. There are actually over 3,000 franchise companies in 75 different industries, touching almost every aspect of our daily lives. The 800,000 franchise businesses in the US make a significant contribution to the country’s economy through sales and jobs for over 8.5 million people. Franchising is booming.

There are even two basic business models: service-based, where the business comes to the customer and facility-based, where there is a store front and customers come in.

Listen to ExecuNet’s entrepreneurial coach Pete Gilfillan explain in less than three minutes how franchising is so much more than fast food and outline the two basic business models in greater detail.

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Pete Gilfillan

Pete Gilfillan

Pete Gilfillan is a passionate business leader who is driven to help people achieve their dreams of career independence through franchise ownership. With more than twenty years’ experience as a corporate executive across multiple industries and a history of small business ownership, Pete brings a wide breadth of experience to his work as a franchise consultant. His unique knowledge of franchising, energetic outlook, and determination to find the right franchise for each candidate’s lifestyle and goals set Pete apart in his field. Since 2011, Pete has been working as an independent franchise consultant with FranChoice to help potential franchisees gather information, evaluate opportunities, and make smart selections in franchise ownership. In his role of helping each candidate find his or her optimum investment and lifestyle choice, Pete has found his most fulfilling and rewarding professional calling.

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