Four Seconds That Will Change Your Career and Your Life

It takes about four seconds to take a single deep breath.  It’s also all the time you need to change your self-sabotaging ways, your career and your life.

In this exclusive interview, Peter Bregman talks about his new book, Four Seconds:All the Time You Need to Stop Counter-Productive Habits and Get the Results You Want (HarperOne, February 2015) and shares insight on how to stop self-sabotaging habits, replace them with truly effective ones, and create the results you truly want.

Part 1

  • (0:50) Why Peter wrote Four Seconds
  • (1:50) How four short seconds can impact our work and lives
  • (5:45) The key to working and living productively
  • (9:40) How rituals improve our productivity

Watch part 1


Part 2

  • (14:07) How to be “clean” in our personal and business relationships
  • (21:40) How to inspire others at work, and ourselves
  • (28:08) The core value of Four Seconds

Watch part 2

ExecuNet Editor

ExecuNet Editor

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