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VP of Facility Management


The Vice President, Facilities Operations provides leadership, direction, and oversight for all facilities planning, management, and operations for Company. Contributes to the oversight of design,  new construction, additions and renovations to all facilities and equipment. Ensures ongoing compliance with all regulatory agencies and the safe and efficient operation of all areas of responsibility. Contributes at the most senior level by working across departments to set, engage and achieve objectives of the organization while motivating and challenging others to inspire and promote excellence.


  • Contributes to the oversight for all aspects of facilities maintenance and operations, housekeeping, cleanliness, environmental and facility marketing presentation to include management of a staff, including skilled maintenance personnel, administrative and support staff.
  • Develops training programs to ensure Facilities staff is educated and knowledgeable about current codes and regulations with all regulatory agencies including (AHCA, OSHA, Joint Commission, etc.) and with internal compliance, policies, and procedures.
  • Provides budgetary stewardship and oversight as a priority for all above departments that includes contracts, consultants, bidding and the RFQ and RFP processes.
  • Accountable for ensuring that all building systems and equipment are maintained in accordance with Joint Commission, Environment of Care (EOC), Utilities Management and Life Safety standards as well as all other applicable State/Federal/Local regulatory requirements.
  • Lead the Joint Commission/CMS Survey experience at the facility level. Fully knowledgeable of activities necessary to produce a state of perpetual readiness and compliance.
  • Establish and implement short and long-range departmental goals, objectives, strategic plans, policies and operating procedures.
  • Deliver high level of customer experience, timely notification of utility outages or interruptions, and day-to-day operations and maintenance.
  • Monitor and evaluate programmatic and operational effectiveness and implement changes required for improvement.
  • Prepare and manage yearly budgets for the department to include replacement and renewal, and continually monitor expenditures to ensure that funds are effectively utilized.
  • Make routine inspections of facility areas and meet with stakeholders and leaders to ensure that the highest levels of facilities maintenance standards are met.
  • Collaborate with project managers, architects, engineers and others in the planning for new construction and renovation projects to ensure that new facilities are maintainable in a cost-effective manner and align with the department's facility standards.
  • Ensure that facilities maintain a high level of emergency preparedness at all times and serves as key player in all facilities related emergency response situations.
  • Establish best practices and standard operating procedures related to all aspects of Facilities &Operations responsibilities including, but not limited to, regulatory compliance, quality control, construction administration, asset management, personnel, safety, energy initiatives, and financial management. Create and maintain manuals addressing Best Practices and SOP’s.
  • Ensure that Facilities & Operations has a diverse staff with skills appropriate to the needs of the position through people management activities including hiring, separation of employment, ongoing staff development and performance management.
  • Perform other duties as assigned or required to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in real estate, facilities design, construction and administration with at least five years in a related senior leadership position in a healthcare system.
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Outstanding leadership skills with proven ability to inspire and motivate staff, peers and stakeholders.
  • Must be able to relate positively and favorably to facility residents, families and government regulators, and to work cooperatively with other employees at all levels.
  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively and work on-site in numerous facilities.
Location:Tampa, FL
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