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Chief of Real Estate Development & Construction


The Chief of Real Estate, Development and Construction, hence further known simply as “Chief”, oversees property investments that produce financial growth and preserves the value of real property assets. Day-to-day duties may include oversight of negotiations surrounding the sale and purchase of commercial real estate, its expansion, renovation and preservation, and acquisition of unimproved land to build new buildings. This role will also serve as the President of Symphony Development Partners LLC. a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercy Health Innovations, LLC.


  • The Chief is ultimately responsible for the purchase of existing or undeveloped commercial properties, and improving and maintaining all properties.
  • Develop and maintain a set of comprehensive policies and procedures. Ensure compliance to all Sarbanes Oxley and Stark legislation and laws
  • Sale transactions and leasehold negotiations are intended to produce a profit for the ministry.
  • During the process of real estate development, the Chief is ultimately responsible for land transactions and lease agreement negotiations.
  • Providing leadership to the design and construction team in negotiating with planning and zoning officials for granted approvals, including planning, zoning and building permits.
  • Under the Chief’s leadership there will be design and construction functions who will manage the work necessary to design and construct commercial or residential projects, all while overseeing the budget and sales teams or terms.
  • Liaise between, group, market leadership and the system’s executive suite. Liaise with real estate brokers/realtors, contractors, engineers, designers, municipal government officials, architects, zoning inspectors, lawyers and other professionals.
  • Responsible for the identification and development potential of specific tracts of land used for development. This includes selecting land and development sites, for the commercial, residential or industrial planning on behalf of the organization, as well as funding and budgeting. Assemble a funding requisition package for Executive Management approval. This package will include all due diligence and a pro forma if applicable. Secure adequate funding to purchase property.
  • Lead and support the design and construction efforts in establishing the architecture and development plans. Lead and support the work necessary to gain planning and zoning approvals, to include meeting with all zoning officials to ensure the land is zoned properly for its intended use. Provide oversight and final approval of all negotiations with all Architect and Contractor selections.
  • Oversee the sale of developed lands on behalf of the organization; this may include selecting, retaining and negotiating partnerships with brokers and realtors to ensure successful completion of the transactions. If a divestiture, hire brokers to oversee the sale.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree required
  2. Proven real estate professional with at least 15 years of progressive career responsibility and experience in real estate development and management.
  3. Substantial healthcare real estate management or prior experience in a non-hospital environment that is multi-location and multi-transactional.
  4. Knowledge of common commercial real estate practices, terminology, market forces, trends and techniques that affect non-core hospital real estate.
  5. Understanding and adhering to Stark and Anti-Kickback Statutes.
  6. Computer & software skills (MS Office Suite; CMMS System), customer focus (internal and external), communication proficiency (oral and written), financial acumen, time management skills, sense of urgency, understanding of the factors that affect real estate market conditions, recognition of potentially lucrative opportunities, ability to create/facilitate and interpret cost estimates, budgets and work timetables.
Location:Cincinnati, OH
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