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VP Construction & Project Management


The Vice President for Construction and Project Management will provide complete oversight for our new and rehabilitation properties In Company Realty Group’s (SRG) and Company Community Services’ (SCS) existing portfolio.  The person will work very closely with the SRG Vice President for Real Estate and will be based in Flushing and New York City. 

  1. Conduct physical inspections of potential building sites and make recommendations to senior staff;
  2. Review initial massing and zoning options on potential new sites;
  3. Meet with architectural and engineering professionals regularly on projects in predevelopment andprovide input on unit and program design needs;
  4. Coordinate with design professionals on the hiring of third parties to do environmental and phase 1 & 2 reports, noise and traffic studies, civil engineering, landscape design, energy management, etc.;
  5. Meet with Social Service and other SH internal departments periodically to determine SH needs for space in new projects and work on space designs including IT and tenant-technology packages;
  6. Meet with elected officials as needed to pitch new projects;
  7. Provide technical assistance (from the design and cost side) to the Grants Department and to SRG staff when applying for grant applications;
  8. Coordinate with Assistant VP on all funding applications for construction cost estimates, historic building operation data, cost of professionals and consultants, and all other due diligence documentation as needed;
  9. Review and provide input and recommendations on sustainability and green initiatives;
  10. Coordinate construction monitoring efforts with professional and contractor staff (2 - 3 visits per month per building);
  11. Review requisitions in conjunction with project architects for accuracy;
  12. Coordinate review of change orders in conjunction with design professionals, compare pricing based on knowledge of similar work;
  13. Supervise punch list inspections alongside architect;
  14. Generate values for outstanding punch list to aid in requisition negotiations;
  15. Coordinate ordering of necessary surveys and distribution to funders.Track changes and alterations requested by funders and address changes;
  16. Break out the merged site work and basis eligibility for cost certification;

Specific Responsibilities for Existing Portfolio:

  1. Supervise and delegate tasks to staff responsible for all energy management, green, and sustainability initiatives;
  2. Meet regularly with Program Directors in SCS leased and owned spaces to assess needs and issues; conduct Needs Assessments;
  3. Generate work scopes for repairs and improvements in SCS leased and owned spaces and describe program needs to the management company so that work plans are properly implement;
  4. In conjunction with other SCS department heads, review work proposals that are presented by management with an eye on scope, and determine if additional review is required by VPs and/or attorneys;
  5. Review invoices for accuracy of work scope and submit to the financial department for payment;
  6. Research products and make recommendations to achieve additional operation efficiencies;
  7. Coordinate with management companies on hiring of maintenance staff;
  8. Facilitate monthly meetings with management and maintenance staff together;
  9. Meet regularly with each management company representatives (no maintenance staff);
  10. Attend funder and 3rd party physical inspections with management representative [average of 22 inspections per year; 11 buildings x 2 (investor and bank)] and track management responses to physical inspections;
  11. Attend selected annual unit inspections in coordination with management and social service department and generate physical needs assessments based on outcome of annual unit inspections;
  12. Supervise management company on all Local Law requirements;
  13. Supervise Log Check, Sentient System, SmartSheets, I-Pad efforts by maintenance staff;
  14. Provide IT interface for all energy tracking equipment and programs;

Knowledge, Skills And Requirements

Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree plus a minimum of 7 years of experience in a related field such as Architecture, Building Design, Construction Management and/or Project Management.  Project Management experience a plus.

Location:New York, NY
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