The Five Key Aspects of Great Leadership

chess-king-on-maze-Eduardo BraunAre great leaders born or made? Both! according to leadership expert Eduardo Braun. He should know: As former Director of the HSM Group, Eduardo has interviewed many of the world’s most renowned leaders, including President Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright, Jack Welch, Michael Porter, Joseph Stiglitz, Muhammad Yunus, Philip Kotler, Francis Ford Coppola and Alan Greenspan.

Eduardo believes you can dramatically improve your leadership skills – if you focus on the right things. In this Master Class presentation, he will draw your attention to these five key aspects of great leadership:

  1. Establishing vision
  2. Attracting, engaging and managing talented people – and showing you care
  3. Implementing a decision-making system and empowering your team
  4. Fostering comprehensive communication practices to build trust
  5. Creating an effective culture that’s aligned with the company’s mission, values and strategy

Culture, Eduardo says, “multiplies results,” and he will demonstrate how to build your organization’s culture with measurable results.

Backed by examples of storied leaders and the organizations they’ve led, this Master Class will deliver a new framework and an action plan to help you grow your leadership capabilities.


Eduardo Braun

Eduardo Braun

Eduardo Braun is a leadership and management expert. As Director of the HSM Group, which he joined in 1999, he has curated hundreds of events across the globe, bringing the world’s brightest experts and leaders on-stage.

He has been the host of two TV shows: Lideres and HSM Specials, aired through ManagemenTV, a 24/7 network dedicated to Leadership and Management in over 25 countries and 15 million homes.

Eduardo Braun was a visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and was a guest speaker in multiple editions of the High Performance Leadership series at IMD, Switzerland.

Prior to joining HSM he was the founding partner of MIG, a Management Consulting firm specialized in Strategy and Business Development. His experience in management consulting started with Booz Allen & Hamilton in the Paris Office in 1990, working in projects in Europe, Brazil and Argentina.

Eduardo is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires, where he was awarded the Bunge & Born Scholarship for academic excellence and a Master in Business Administration from the Wharton School, with a concentration in Finance and Marketing in 1990.

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1 Reply to "The Five Key Aspects of Great Leadership"

  • Mauro Chiarlo
    July 26, 2015 (4:16 pm)

    Nothing that can be useful for common people…. being a leader means not only manage USA , the city of New York or GE.
    Leadership must be useful in a powerless role, for instance managing your family; the key points focus on Hire a team….. Create a Culture…. when You can’t hire anybody, create any culture….. You won’t be a Leader…. Is this Correct?

    Mark Carson