The Five Fear-Based Mistakes Leaders Make in a Crisis

We are all dealing with uncertain times. Amidst the uncertainty lies the possibility of turning your fears into purpose, passion and performance.

In this ExecuNet Master Class session led by Patrick Sweeney, you will learn how to turn your individual and organizational fears into potential for the future. Patrick will also offer a glimpse into neuroscience research outlined in his book, Fear is Fuel, so that you too can turn fearful situations into positive outcomes.

What People Have Said About the Master Class:

  • “Excellent paradigm for self-growth and success!”
  • “Patrick conveyed insights that can help people overcome what may be the most important obstacle to career success, in a memorable, high impact and inspiring way.”
  • “We all suffer from the same condition of fear whether presenting, meeting others, or experience something new or unexpected. We need to be the master of our minds and bodies.”
  • “This Master Class is a great way to help with the current situations that has impacted our lives.”
  • “I have only recently ‘attended’ these Master Classes, but I have been very pleased with the presenters/topics.”


Patrick Sweeney is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Fear is Fuel.

Inc. Magazine called him one of the most interesting people alive.

Patrick is a millionaire entrepreneur who grew up as a coward, always trying to create a carefully sculpted image to cover his shame and fear. Later in life a rare form of leukemia threatened to end his life when his daughter was just a year old and his wife was six months pregnant. This dramatic life challenge proved to him that everything he thought about life, love, happiness and success was all wrong.

He has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, CNBC, New York Times, Boston Globe and many other news outlets and publications sharing the lessons he has learned.

In 2018 Patrick won the world’s toughest bicycle race – the Race Across America almost 20 years after he finished 2nd place in the Olympic rowing trials.

He has founded four tech companies while creating eight patents and raising almost $50 million.
Patrick has leveraged fear as fuel for peak performance and to create an inspiring life of passion, happiness and fulfillment, and so can you.

He is the son of 1st generation Irish immigrants and the first to go to college in his family. He teaches audiences around the globe how to break through their limits, too, using hard neuroscience.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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