Finding Opportunities Elsewhere: When and How Should You Change Companies?

“If a promotion at my current company won’t take me to the C-suite, what will?”

If you’ve reached the conclusion that promotions won’t be taking you to the C-suite at your current company – and that’s an important professional milestone for you – then it’s time to consider opportunities at other organizations. Start with the following:

Identify what’s missing from your current experience set.
execunetselect-man-under-lightbulgsDo you need more direct exposure to business development to prove your value to a company? Do you need the opportunity to manage a department budget or run a team with 20+ people? Whatever skills or experience you feel is holding you back, seek out jobs that will give you this exposure and fill in the missing pieces.

Make the market work for you.
Market dynamics may be outside of your control, but they can have a major impact on your transition potential and upward mobility. Failure to fully understand the market could lead to unrealistic expectations or even cause you to overlook new opportunities. As you evaluate potential companies, consider how these companies fit within the current marketplace. Are these companies in growth mode or reacting to market pressures? Are they highly specialized or do they offer a broad range of general services? Take time to understand your personal preferences and current market direction, and adjust your search accordingly.

Choose companies that value what you bring.
Again, it all comes back to choosing the right place for you. An employer’s reputation can give you a general idea of what to expect. Use the interview process to drill down into the company culture and ensure your talents and work style will be the right fit for the company’s culture and your supervisor’s needs.

Written by Audra Gaswirth

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