Finding a Business Mentor

mentor-needed-bull-hornMentors are an incredible resource for new business owners. The advice of a seasoned professional (and especially one with experience in running a company) can be the difference between turning a profit quickly, or closing within a year.

For many people, the right mentor may be as close as combing through your existing network of contacts and resources, and emailing people. Many successful people remember the struggle they had to make it, and may be open to sharing their experience. It’s worth remembering, too, that the right mentor doesn’t have to be in your specific industry. Though that is the ideal,

Here are the best ways to find a business mentor, both through traditional channels and via your own network.

Mentorsme – Operated by the Business Finance Taskforce, this website is designed as a portal to facilitate connection with mentors in your region. A valuable resource with over 27,000 listings from people who have all committed to giving one hour of their time once a month for 2 years.

The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs – Set up in 2010, the IOEE was the first dedicated learning institute for entrepreneurial support. Their affiliate membership, at £5 per month, gives access to online mentoring.

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Business Expert

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