How Do I Find the Hidden Job Market?

How does one discover the “hidden job market” and once “in” become a lead candidate for senior executive positions?

Ann-Z-newI think it makes sense for starters to define the oft mentioned, mystical, by nature elusive, hidden job market. Job seekers have been dreaming of this legendary goldmine of jobs for years now, where job offers so grandiose, with such dizzying numbers reverberate throughout the marble floors of the most prestigious chambers, with every offer double what the job seeker had hoped, and an extra 11 weeks of vacation just for the fun of it. So let’s take a minute to shine some light on it. Fact: Not all jobs are advertised: Jobs where the incumbent is still in office and they are waiting to let him go until they find someone better; There could be concerns the company’s stock price would fall; There could be concerns about competitors gaining an advantage; There may be positions where the hiring manager simply does not have the resources to invest the time to interview dozens of candidates for every one hire, so the positions remain open, etc, etc. There are many reasons why some jobs are never publicly announced, especially at senior executive levels.

By definition, “The Hidden Job Market” are those openings that are not publicly advertised, hidden from view for one reason or another.

You don’t look for the hidden job market. Your network is what uncovers that market for you, so the better you are at networking the better you will be at tapping into the hidden job market.

The best way to become aware of these additional jobs and have the chance to interview, is to develop a relationship with a recruiter that focuses on your particular niche, and also develop relationships with others within the industry — NETWORKING. Sign up for company newsletters, and connect with leaders on social media. By forging relationships and connecting yourself with professionals within your area of focus, you will improve your chances of hearing about an opportunity.

To become a lead candidate, the first step is to actually match what they are looking for. If you indeed match the mandatory requirements, make sure the recruiter is letting the hiring manager know how you meet and exceed the profile of their ideal candidate. Take the initiative and provide something in writing that they can pass along, touting your strengths. When it comes to this, ExecuNet’s Coach Don has a winning approach!

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Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

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