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  • Why should I join ExecuNet?
  • I’m not currently looking for a job. Why should I join ExecuNet?
    We know in today’s highly competitive and unpredictable economy, up to 40% of people who start a new job will be looking again within a year. Most executives change jobs every 2 – 4 years. ExecuNet provides the information that enables you to stay on top of what is happening in the executive marketplace. ExecuNet also provides a valuable professional network of executives in top companies to help you stay connected and keep your career options open. Now more than ever, it’s up to you to create your own job security and growth.
  • Why should I pay? Can’t I get the same services free on other Internet sites?
    Quality and results are worth paying for. Members who have experienced ExecuNet say it best:

    • Job opportunities:
      This is the best around, in this case you’ll get what you pay for as opposed to which is free.” — C.F.
    • Networking opportunities:
      “I’m a new ExecuNet member, and this was the first networking meeting I’ve attended. I was very impressed with how you structured the meeting, enjoyed meeting all the executives there, and was frankly surprised that I walked away with three very good contacts from people at my table that know senior executives in the industries/companies I am targeting. I was also pleased that I could make two introductions to others that were at my table. Tonight was by far the most effective networking meeting I’ve attended—both in terms of giving and receiving.” — John Buckley
    • Results:
      “Execunet has been a tremendous resource for me throughout my new career search. Not only did I respond to many leads in your jobs database, but really utilized all of your articles, knowledge center, and bookshelf areas of your website. Thank you and your team for a great executive website!” — A.O.

    And Fast Company magazine agrees: It recently cited Execunet as “one of the best Web sites for executives looking for a job.” (7/03) It also called our member only newsletter, ExecuNotes, “an indispensable tool and a good reason to consider membership to the site.”

  • Why should I choose ExecuNet over other career sites?
    Members who have tried ExecuNet and other sites often tell us that there is no comparison. Here’s a recent unsolicited e-mail we received:

    “I’ve been on a search for 10 months. There hasn’t been a job site I haven’t been to or subscribed to in this time. Of all of them, yours has produced and continues to produce the most legitimate leads, recruiter and company calls, and face-to-face interviews. At this moment, I’m a finalist in a great opportunity that I found thru EXECUNET. Pointing my friend to your site was the best suggestion I could give him as he develops his search strategy.” — M.S.

  • What about the jobs? Won’t I find the same jobs listed elsewhere?
    Not likely. Many of our jobs are only listed with us, or listed with us first. But it’s a mistake to focus solely on the jobs. ExecuNet offers multiple opportunities to build and expand your professional network — the primary source (60-70%) of career opportunities for executives. In addition, ExecuNet also offers a Talent Bank, which recruiters use to find qualified executives for positions that are never posted or advertised.
  • What are recruiters really looking for?
    Make sure you meet the specifications. Over 92% of recruiters surveyed reported being inundated with irrelevant responses to their job postings. And the majority of resumes they received did not match the job description. Also make sure you follow the specific resume submission instructions found in the posting — 34% of those responding failed to do this.