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Success Stories & Testimonials

On Value of Our Job Listings

"By the way, ExecuNet is a great service not only for the specific jobs, but the quick pulse on what's going on out there."

-- VP Marketing, Financial Services, NY

"I am in a 'niche' position at the top 5% of all positions in the country. Just finding an opening was an enormous task. Getting through the 'gates' was usually impossible. ExecuNet identified the right job and got me through the 'gate'."

-- VP Facilities Management, Midwest

"I am recommending this service to many of my associates. ExecuNet has a large quantity of high quality listings and all of the responses I received have been very professional in the way they have presented the opportunity and conducted the communications. I wish I would have subscribed earlier!"

-- VP Operations, MN

"I considered the ExecuNet listings an important supplement to my own networking and other search activities. Your listings [and newsletters] were an excellent source of leads, ideas, and suggestions; the advice and encouragement in each issue was invaluable."

-- President & CEO, WA

"I first responded to a listing in June...by the time I had my first interview with the hiring manager in late July, I had already had interviews with a number of companies (such as Quaker Oats, Colgate, Oral Pharmaceuticals, HFS and InterWorld)."

-- Product Mgr., Consumer Products, NJ

"I have found the depth and quality of the positions to be outstanding...and I am pleased to say ...that I have been getting some of the best responses to my job I have ever seen."

-- Partner, Consulting Firm, CA

"I have landed a position thanks again to ExecuNet. This is the second time...unfortunately...in 12 months that I have found myself in a job search. Each time my success has been due to ExecuNet."

-- VP Communications, Electronics & Controls, CA

"I wanted to let you know that like many other fortunate individuals, I found my job through ExecuNet. Specifically, I will be starting as Corporate Mgr for a consulting engineering firm. ....ExecuNet continues to be the very best source of jobs data available. Thanks for your help."

-- Dir of Strategic Planning, NJ

"In May of this year, I began my search in earnest...I worked hard on my resume, targeted recruiters, answered ads and sent literally hundreds of resumes--all to no avail. Then I found ExecuNet....Within 3 months I began my new job. The difference, I believe, is that I was better able to target suitable positions through your listings and was able to describe my skills and experience with more confidence."

-- Director, Investor Relations, Retail

"In the 10 months I was looking, ExecuNet was responsible for over 50% of the serious contacts I received...I wasted a lot of time and effort with want ads, executive recruiter responses....the bottom line was the ExecuNet postings were by far the best in actual jobs, industry, salary and location."

-- Director Mfg., FL

"Thank you very much for your professional assistance. Your organization provided the best leads, most effective leads, and the most interesting leads in this industry. Well done and keep up the support. It really counts."

-- President, Toys, TX

"Thanks to ExecuNet, I was able to secure a job ...at a higher rate of pay and only 4 miles from my home. I would highly recommend this service to any executive considering a targeted search."

-- VP Finance, CA

"With few exceptions, media ads [for senior executives] have been of little help and great expense. The experience we have had to date with ExecuNet has been outstanding. Your newsletter puts information about our openings into the hands of the select population we wish to reach. The result is almost like we added another recruiter to our staff."

-- C. John Grom, President, C. John Grom, Executive S

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